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Align with The Massage Business Mama comes to you with a combined 22 plus years experience in the massage biz as entrepreneurs. Providing actionable tips and resources.

Beca an off-grid living, quirky, trail-running, massage therapist, esthetician, and yogi offers her business and wellness perspective to you with a highly caffeine-fueled compassionate wit.

Ali, your hard-working, driven, creative mom, massage therapist, business owner, lover of friend gatherings, all-time annual family talent show winner, brings her drive and business savvy to every episode.

Podcast with Beca and Ali


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Episode 001: Get to Know Your Hosts Ali and Beca

Beca and Ali are honored that you chose to take a listen! With a combined 22 + years experience in the massage industry, we are excited to share tips and tricks we have learned along the way. 

Episode 002: Work/Life Balance for Massage Therapists with Kids

Beca and Ali discuss their tips and tool for working as massage therapists with kids. From upping your rates to limiting your commitments to technological support they share what has worked for them on their work/life journey.

Episode 003: To Niche or Not to Niche Your Massage Practice

Niching is all the rage right now! But is this necessary for YOUR massage practice? Beca and Ali discuss what this has looked like in their massage practices and ways to get your employer to pay for your continuing ed. 

Episode 004: Networking Tips and Tools for Massage Therapists

Networking can be a scary and intimidating thing! Learn the tips and tools we have implemented over the years to help us feel more comfortable in a variety of networking settings. 

Episode 005: COVID-19 and The Massage Industry

The nasty virus, COVID-19 that is circling the world has affected the massage therapy industry in some profound ways! Join Beca and Ali as they discuss ways to have some financial immunity to this situation, their predictions for the future of our industry, and the things they are doing to stay healthy through this all.

Episode 006: A Meditation for Massage Therapists During the COVID Crisis

The global pandemic that has rocked the world has all of us on edge. Massage Therapists around the country are having to make tough decisions, fighting to collect unemployment, and fearful for the future of our industry. In this special episode, we deviated a little from our usual format to bring you a special treat!

Episode 007: A Baseline for How COVID Has Affected Multiple Therapists

In this episode, we wanted to get a baseline for how the COVID situation has landed in the massage industry from a variety of voices. We have our own personal experiences and views of how things will roll out moving forward. But we wanted to collect perspectives from others in the industry, educators, practitioners in private practice, spa owners, therapists who stopped working and those who did not.

Episode 008: COVID Opportunities Meditation for Massage Therapists

This meditation is intended to help you identify opportunities that have presented themselves because of the COVID-19 Crisis. As uncomfortable and challenging as this whole experience has been, there are opportunities for growth if we seek them out. Please get comfortable and explore deep within your psyche to see what hidden gems are waiting to be revealed. 

Podcast - Align with The Massage Business Mama

Meet Your Hosts

Beca Sipe

Beca Your Massage Podcast Host

Beca began her journey as a young widow raising her 4-year-old daughter struggling to put herself through school towards a Business Degree.

After a few years of working, parenting, and going to school part-time, overwhelm finally set in, and she decided to shift gears and attend the Boulder College of Massage Therapy.

Beca completed BCMT’s 1500 hour Associate Program and was overjoyed to find her path and passion in the Massage Profession.

Beca has been practicing professionally since 2008. She has primarily spent her time in the Spa Environment, practicing massage, managing, and educating, as well as always maintaining a vibrant, multi-modality private practice.

Being someone who has always felt the need to grow and challenge herself in 2015, she became a licensed Esthetician. She also completed her first Yoga Teacher Training in 2015 and completed her second YTT in 2017. Her multidisciplinary continuing education efforts throughout the years have been extensive and wide-ranging, touching on topics such as Anatomical Analysis, Technique Driven Study, Energy work, Marketing Strategies, and Financial Administration.

Beca is passionate about all things Wellness from her internal environment to her external environment. This passion is channeled into her newest adventure of part-time off-grid living in Idaho with her husband Brett, kiddo Bayne, and giant golden retriever Charlie. “When I let go of what I am I become what I might be” These words of Lao Tzu are a directing force for Beca, guiding her steps into what is next to come.

Ali Boehm

Massage Podcast Host Ali

Ali got into bodywork at a young age. Her mother employed child labor in the form of massage as a bribe in exchange for a delayed bedtime. She was a night owl and decided this was not a bad gig.

Years later, after getting a degree in art (right brain for the win!) and a minor in business (left brain for the win!), with memories of this exploitation, she went forth and tackled massage school at The Boulder College of Massage Therapy.

Coming from a long line of entrepreneurs, it was inevitable that she would one day end up working for herself. This entrepreneurial journey started in 2008 when she began renting space by the hour from an existing massage practice. While building her practice, she supplemented her income by working at several spas around her town, Steamboat Springs, Colorado.

In 2016 she experienced the single most amazing thing ever - giving birth to her baby boy. She was changed.

When she was about to head back to work, a work she loved, a work that had defined her for years, she was scared. Scared to leave her son, scared to see if she could still be the kind of therapist she was before becoming a mother, scared to navigate being a mother, wife, therapist, and employer.

Thus, The Massage Business Mama was born. A place where other massage entrepreneurs could find resources for going back to work after having a child.

A few years later, she was thrilled when Beca jumped onboard her idea to co-host a massage podcast! She hopes you enjoy the show!

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